Custom Reusable Metal Marking Etching Stencils

Custom Reusable Metal Etching Stencils – DIY Electro Etching Stencils – NOT ADHESIVE BACKED

Great for etching metal knives and tools. Created using Dura-Film material used with the Etch-O-Matic metal marking system from Martronics which involves pressing a pad with an electrolyte solution to the stencil.

The mesh stencil material allows for small, detailed designs and can be reused multiple times if the stencil is used and cared for properly. The material is appropriate for what is considered a light etch on metal.

The stencil is used with saltwater solution and a 9v battery or 12v battery charger set at 2 amps or less with short press times of 2 to 3 seconds at a time. Red positive clamp is on the knife or metal surface and black negative clamp has the saturated pad with the solution which you press to the mesh open areas.

Please note, this material DOES NOT have an adhesive back. You will tape down the stencil and apply the pad with electrolyte solution to the open mesh areas of the stencil. Some solution will get under the stencil and mar the surface. You will need to polish the metal after etching.

Stencil material can be damaged if amps too high, pad held too long of period of time, pressed too hard to stencil or incorrectly placed positive/negative clamps. You will need to do test etchings to get the settings and time just right. It is recommended to order multiple stencils for this reason or request generic test stencils. I do not offer refunds for damaged or incorrect size of stencils.

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