Custom Reusable Glass Etching Stencils

Great for the DIYer who wants to make their own etched glass projects! Stencils are created from smart stencil material which has a mesh carrier and adhesive backing. This material allows for smaller letters and finer details without bridges. AND it can be used over and over again with proper use and care! Estimated usage is 5 to 10 etchings. It could be more or less depending on technique used and care/maintenance of the stencil.

👀 These are a mesh style etching stencil and require special instructions and care! It is not a quick process! There is a 30 to 40 minute drying time of the stencil between each etching! Please request instructions if you are not familiar using this type of stencil and watch this video demonstrating the use and care. 👀

The stencils work best on straight-sided glassware. They can be used on compound curved glasses but will entail patience, the correct size of stencil and skill to apply the stencil without wrinkles. Here is a video demonstrating the technique I prefer on compound curved glasses:

The mesh stencil material can also be used for etching metal using DIY electro etching using a saltwater solution and battery.

Contact me with the design you would like, the size of stencil needed, and how many stencils you will need. You may also attach an image if you have one.

NOTE: Buyer is responsible for ordering the correct size and orientation of stencil for the project as well as learning the etching process. This is a mesh stencil and is a bit different to use. Reading and following the instructions is very important for the success of the etching and the longevity of the stencil. Refunds will not be given for the incorrect size, orientation, or damage to the stencil in the etching process. Using this type of stencil is not a quick process. There are 30 to 40 minutes of drying time between each use of the stencil. This process cannot be rushed!

Applying and Using Reusable Smart Screen Stencil Material for Glass Etching

Appling Smart Screen Stencil Material to Compound Curve

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