Custom Vinyl Decal for Wood Signs

Custom wood sign vinyl decals for creating diy wood signs. Family name, monogram, favorite quote, wedding sign, bible verse are just a few of the ideas that will work perfect on a wood sign.

The decals work best on smooth and sealed or painted surfaces. Water-based, acrylic products work best with vinyl decals. Adequate time must be allowed for the stain/sealer or paint to dry. This may take days depending on the product. Decals do not work well with low/non-voc or stain resistant paints. If using a wax sealer, this will need to be applied after the decal as it will not stick to this type of product.

Sample pricing:
24″ x 8″ – $18
36″ x 10″ – $22
48″ x 12″ – $27
60″ x 13″ – $31
72″ x 18″ – $43
84″ x 20″ – $52
96″ x 23″ – $65

Black and white decals are made from a high quality, matte, OUTDOOR vinyl material. All other colors will be created with high quality, matte, INDOOR vinyl material.

Black and white are always in stock. Other colors may need to be ordered which adds an additional 3 to 5 business days to the turnaround time.

🔅🔅If your decal will be going OUTDOORS or you are using oil-based products as a base coat, please note this in your message as well. We will need to use an outdoor material.

NOTE: Customer is responsible for ordering the correct size of decal and applying the decal to their wood sign. Refunds will not be given for incorrect sizes or errors when applying the decal.

I ship EVERYWHERE! Shipping costs will vary. Let me know your postal code in a message and I will be happy to provide shipping costs.

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