Custom Sandblasting Stencils

Create your own signs, glassware, name plates, tumblers, etc. Stencil design can be text and graphics. Stencil is created from Oracal 831 9 mil adhesive-backed, pvc material. It can be used on glass, metal, wood and acrylic with up to 60 psi.

The largest stencil I can create in one piece is 22″ tall by whatever length. The stencils are considered one time use so if sandblasting multiple items, you will need to order a stencil for each item being created. Smaller stencils created with stencil fonts may be able to be used up to 3 times if care is taken with removal of the stencil.

👀The design is created to the size you request and THEN, 1/2″ border is added around the design.👀

Simply provide:

  • the size of the stencil you need
  • what you want on the stencil
  • what font you want to use
  • how many stencils you need
  • shipping zip code

NOTE: Customer is responsible for ordering the correct size of stencil and using the proper sandblasting technique for their project. Refunds will not be given for incorrect sizes or errors when using the stencil.

Click here to order a custom sandblasting stencil!