Custom Reusable Fabric Painting and Wood Sign Painting Stencils

This is a mesh, silk-screen style stencil for painting on smooth wood, painted canvas, leather and fabrics. Stencil can be used multiple times if cleaned and maintained properly (generally up to 10 reuses). Use stencil with chalk paste for wood signs and fabric ink/paint with a squeegee for the best results. The mesh stencil material with an adhesive back allows for more intricate designs and clean edges with no bridges on letters and graphics!

$10 is the minimum price plus shipping for a stencil. Stencils are NOT priced by the sheet. They are priced by the size, design and quantity. The largest design that can be created is 10″ wide x 16″ tall.

Contact me with the design you would like, the size of stencil needed, and how many stencils you will need.

NOTE: Buyer is responsible for ordering the correct size and orientation of stencil for the project as well as learning the stencil painting process. Refunds will not be given for the incorrect size, orientation, or damage to the stencil in the painting process.

Click here to order a reusable painting stencil.